Is There Anybody Out There?

Loneliness…a writer’s lament.

Is there anybody out there? It’s a question posed in song by Pink Floyd, from their album, The Wall.

When I’m writing, I get very lonely…a solitary figure lost in a sea of white. And white is more than just an empty page. It’s a monster and, like loneliness, it challenges me—dares me—to fight it, to beat it down

The enemy of a blank page—the monster—are thoughts. Thoughts translated to words. Loneliness and sadness…I have no idea why they come to me, but it’s part of my thought process. There’s a desperation in my brain: I must fill the page…I must fill the page…I must fill the page. Words, at first, fight with thoughts. Yeah, it’s a fight…but then the words and thoughts each cross enemy lines, infiltrating and assimilating. Before I know it, they’re working together to defeat that common foe of the empty page.

This is my process when I sit down to talk to you. But it doesn’t end with my written words. Not at all. This is just the beginning of another battle.

Is there anybody out there?

Like an overnight radio dj speaking into his microphone at 3am, I deliver words—sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes inane—to you. I throw them out to the universe and hope someone—specifically, you—catches them. I hope you read them, or hear my voice in your head, and that they touch you. I hope they make you laugh—or at least, smile. I hope they touch you and make you feel something.

This isn’t just a process for writing to you. This was my processs when creating advertising—radio and tv commercials, print ads, outdoor ads. Sure, my job was to create advertising that “sold” the product I was writing about…but I still faced the same process of communicating. It’s also what I do on my radio show and podcast. And it’s sort of the same process as acting.

I tap into myself to punch through the loneliness—mine and yours. Is there anybody out there?

“Hey you! Don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall.”*

I love writing. Aside from advertising copywriting, it’s been a long time since I wrote in a longer form—and I have you to thank for that. I love writing about my music, the world around me, and more. I thank you for encouraging me to encouraging me to use my words to take you someplace. In all honesty, I have no idea where this blog is going to go. Who knows—it may even become a piece of serial fiction that I share with you every week.

So stick with me. Let the loneliness I feel when I face an empty page take us someplace special.

Maybe, just maybe…we can help each other, and make loneliness something to be embraced instead of lamented.

Is there anybody out there?


PS…some people are facing loneliness that they can’t punch through—and it’s worse for them at this time of year. Reach out…let your words brighten their day a little. Merry Christmas.

*Hey You” Roger Waters/Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd

Cameron Wallace