James House and The Blues Cowboys

Every once in a while, here on my little blog, I'm going to review music by some of my favorite artists and friends.  

I don't know if "review" is the right word, though.  I'm not going to trash any music because if it was something I didn't like, I wouldn't be writing about it.  After all, this blog is Camo's "Me and My Music" blog.

I'll review music I like.  I'll review mostly Country/Texas/Americana stuff, but as you'll discover, I like other genres of music too...so every once in a while, I may review something Blues, Metal, Classic Rock, Prog Rock...you know, the stuff I like.  I might review something when an album stands out..or I may review one because, after wading through the recesses of my aging brain, I find I have nothing humorous/interesting/thought provoking to say about my music in general.

So...here we are.  My first album review.  And it's a good one to start on.  James House and The Blues Cowboys.


If the name James House sounds familiar, you've probably heard some of the songs he's written:  Ain't That Lonely Yet (Dwight Yoakam), In A Week Or Two (Diamond Rio), A Broken Wing (Martina McBride), Born To Be Blue (The Mavericks); as well as contributing songs to albums by Joe Bonamassa (Joe's current single "Redemption" was co-written by James), Steve Holy, Steve Azar).  As well as writing for others, James has previously released his own music, including the hit, "This Is Me Missing You."

I guess all of that writing with his friend, blues master, Joe Bonamassa has rubbed off.  James House And The Blue Cowboys was released last week and it's already gaining major attention.  Jeff Beck picked it as a top blues selection on Amazon.  As I write this, the album is in Apple Music's Top 5 Blues Albums--right alongside Joe Bonamassa.

Although it's a Blues album, there's a certain country flavor to the album.  That will make James's Country fans happy.  But as a pure Blues album, it stands on its own two feet.  The songs are moving, honest, heartfelt.  The songs stir emotions.  The lyrics (as usual) are strong and packed with color.  Check this out (from Well Ran Dry):

I’m an empty soul

At the holy water bowl

Waiting on the rising tide

The thing I've always liked about James House music is that it's interesting.  And I think that this album is even interestinger.   (I know, it's "more interesting" but It's still my blog and "interestinger" just fits better). It's not just the lyrics.  James's voice is one that delivers the real emotion his songs are packed with.  There's a reason acclaimed singer Beth Hart said, “There is a vulnerable truth in James House’s songwriting that is very humbling for any writer to experience and that voice!!! That voice is pure emotion, heartbreaking and soul lifting at the same time. I love you, James. Congrats on another great one!” 

Stream or download James House and The Blues Cowboys.  Trust me.  If you're a fan of pure songwriting you'll love this album--and it won't matter to you what genre it is.   If you're a Blues fan, you'll love this album. I do--and it's going to be on my list of top albums of the year.  

James, thanks for this well-crafted and very cool album.  You've nailed it.