Move Me

Today, when I was trying to come up with something to write about for this blog, Paulie—my friend and dedicated viewer of The Nashville Access Show, asked me what I was going to write about. She suggested that I write about working out and playing football (soccer) with people who are—for the most part—considerably younger than I.

I dismissed that idea immediately. I told her that I’d rather right about my frailties than try to “pat myself on the back,” as it were. Paulie just replied, “I’m sure you’ll find something that moves you to write about.”

Well. That’s easy…or so it would seem.

What moves me?

I guess that, first, we have to give the idea of what “what moves me” some parameters. And therein lays the problem. Like you most of you, I’m guessing that, to be “moved” by something means that that “something” has stirred an emotion deep inside you. Perhaps in a parental sense, you may be “moved” by hearing your newborn child’s first cry—although I’ve heard people speak of what that’s like, it’s not something that I understand, since I’ve neither wanted—nor had (or actually been very fond of) kids.

My problem is that my expectations for something to “move” me are at such a high level, that I’m frequently disappointed.

I’m never moved by tv shows—unless, I guess, you count being moved to change the channel quickly. I’m never moved by films—or, at least, never have been. There have been a few films over the years that I have thought were excellent…but none have actually touched me in a way that I could say that they have moved me.

Plays? Shakespeare’s Hamlet moves me. Even a bad performance of Hamlet moves me. I think because it’s such a dark play, filled with such existential angst, that it connects with me. Hamlet’s soliloquy still haunts me. “To be, or not to be…that is the question.” I love Shakespeare, but Hamlet moves me.

Books? I don’t read much modern literature, but John Irving’s “A Prayer for Owen Meany" moves me. I really like Irving, but I love Charles Dickens, and his “A Tale of Two Cities” moves me. I’ve read both novels more times than I can remember.

Songs? Yes! We’ll find a handful of songs that truly move me. Songs from multiple genres. Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm.” “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s opera “Turandot” moves me. Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” moves me. Sting’s “Desert Rose” moves me. “Gran Torino” by Jamie Cullum moves me.

People? There have been some great people…heroes, great people who have done great deeds. But none come to mind as having moved me.

Dr. Duncan MacDougall conducted an experiment on 10th April 1901 to prove that the human soul had mass, and if it had mass, that it was measurable. The weight of the soul? Twenty-one grams.

Maybe so few things move me because I have a smaller (some would say “non-existent”) soul. Maybe so few things move me, because, as I said earlier, I have a high standard. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t feel thinks like others do.

But no matter the reason, I still managed to write a blog about what moves me. Thanks Paulie.

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