Tired Eyes

I try to be as personal as I can here…without getting too personal—if you know what I mean. Some things are better left unsaid. I mean, when we ask someone, ”how are you?” do we really want to know the answer all the time? Really?

So since you asked—or meant to ask—I’ll tell you: I’m good. I work out six days a week, I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I eat healthy. I have a wife who loves me and puts up with my bursts of frustration at myself. Yep. I’m good.


Except for one thing. Well, two things, actually. My eyes. Back in November I was diagnosed with cataracts. To be honest, the diagnosis freaked me out. A lot. How could I possibly have cataracts?!? Everyone I know who has had cataracts is way older than me…I’m still a few years away from 60!!!

My optometrist smiled sympathetically and referred me to Loden Vision, here in Nashville. So, in early December of last year, I shuffled in to Loden’s office (with my wife in tow because I knew she’d know the right questions to ask and pay attention a lot more than I would). I was depressed about the diagnosis at my relatively young age; I was insulted—I’d looked after my eyes all of my life, I work out, eat right…how could this happen?!?!

Well, it turns out, none of that matters. Cataracts just happen.

I was lead through a series of tests to evaluate my eyes—and I was somewhat brightened to find out that people getting cataracts are a lot younger these days. Woohoo.

Anyway, the first surgery happens in six days from today (as I write this). They’ll do my right eye first and then shortly after, my left eye. And to be honest, I can’t wait. I haven’t been driving at night because things are so blurry. The font size on my phone is…huge. Watching tv is blurry—and causes a lot of strain. My eyes just generally get tired fast, hence the title of this blog post. Doctor Loden assures me that my eyes will be better than they’ve ever been, and I’ll only need glasses to see distances.

Bring it on!

And no, the surgery doesn't bother me. No surgery has ever bothered me (that’s where we get into the stuff that’s a little too personal). The cost is pretty high, financially, though. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to MusiCares, a charitable organization that helps out us music biz people. They’re helping with a large portion of the cost, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to my GoFundMe fundraiser. Insurance covers a small part of this, but the majority of the cost is up to us—and trust me, it ain’t cheap.

It won’t be long before these tired baby blues will be back in action…and I really am looking forward to it.

Cameron Wallace