camo wallace

We try to tell Camo that his ideas won't cure disease or feed the hungry, but he insists on talking anyway. This blog will be filled with all the behind-the-mic and in-front-of-the-camera insanity that is Camo's life in the music industry. Check back often for new content--and for those keeping score at home, he stole that chair.



Camo comes to Nashville Access after a radio career in Canada and the UK. As well as being on air, Camo worked as Copywriter and Creative Director at radio stations and advertising agencies in Canada and the UK—working in Toronto, Nottingham, and London. A fan of the more traditional side of country music, Camo always wears cowboy boots and starched jeans— even at the gym ... which we find strange.

Camo has hosted the international country music TV show, Young Country, based out of Tyler, TX, and the Live From Nashville segment of the Smith & Rogers TV show in the UK. Camo is a working actor and model, having appeared in: feature films including, Sea of Love, and Millennium; TV shows including Nashville and Night Heat; and tv commercials including Cracker Barrel, Middle Tennessee Electrical Co-op, Zomongo, and others.

In addition to being co-host of the Nashville Access radio show and podcast, Camo handles all of the Nashville Access social media, artist relations, and is the company’s Music Director.

Camo's Cracker Barrel Christmas TV Commercial


I started acting more out of necessity than anything.  I’d just lost my first radio job, and Toronto in the mid-80s, was “Hollywood North.”  I worked as an extra on a lot of TV shows and movies to pick up some extra money.  My TV work at the time included shows like Nightheat, Friday the 13th-The Series, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents; and films including, Sea of Love, Millennium, A New Life, The Good Mother, and Freakshow.  The acting bug bit me again about the time Season 4 of Nashville was shooting here in Music City.  I have appeared in several episodes of Nashville (including the finale), as well as other TV shows, short films, commercials, music videos, and industrial videos…and continue to act.  I’ll be posting pictures of co-stars, stills from shoots, and the occasional video here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



I’ve lived in 11 towns and cities in 3 countries.  The one thing that has remained constant, no matter where I’ve lived, is horses.  I sort of grew up living by the “cowboy code.”  John Wayne was, and still is, my hero.  I learned how to be a cowboy from watching all of the legendary westerns—and started riding when I was about 12 years old.  I’ve worked on a ranch.  I’ve ridden Quarter Horses, Argentine Criollo Horses, and Tennessee Walking Horses in Canada, England, and Tennessee.  I can rope—not very well—but I can rope.  To see me in anything other than heavily starched and creased Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans and boots means you’ve seen me at the gym or swimming.  That’s it.  I’m a cowboy, and this is where you’ll see photos and video of me “horsing around.”