dallas rogers

Calling what Dallas does a "Blog" may be stretching the bounds of the definition. Random thoughts, funny memes, and just about anything else his weird little mind comes up with, check back often for new content and fresh insanity. 9 out of 10 Dentists agree, The Mostly Ridiculous Blog cures absolutely nothing but boredom. (Wear a helmet)



Dallas began his broadcast career in 1988. The past 30 years have taken him to legendary radio stations like B94 in Pittsburgh, DC101 in Washington, DC, 102.7WEBN in Cincinnati, and 99.9 Gator Country in Jacksonville, FL, just to name a few. 

Dallas is an experienced audio engineer for both broadcast and music. He is a published songwriter, a music producer, and has been an award winning creative director for I Heart Media and CBS.

Dallas is also a Voice-Over artist.  He’s been the promo voice for TV and Radio stations across the country, numerous Hollywood movie trailers, animated characters, and commercials for companies like Coca-Cola, and Pizza Hut.  He was the narrator for Jerrod Niemann’s debut album, NASA-TV, and the official voice of the US National Parks.  In short ... he talks a lot.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Business from West Virginia University in 2018.


Dallas has had an impressive career ... he's worked in 10 states, and his voice and creative production has been broadcast in all 50 states. Click on the picture to listen to some of his past work.


As a voice-over artist, Dallas has been heard on movie trailers, animated characters, albums, commercials, documentaries, instructional videos, and even as the security voice for US Central Command. Click on the picture to hear some of his past work.


Dallas has been a professional songwriter and recording artist for the past 20 years. He has released a compilation of demos for songs he's written, plus two albums as the lead singer for "down on jane" and a couple singles as a solo artist. Click the picture to hear some music.


Dallas has been a music/tv/film producer and actor for most of his life. Click the picture to check out a few bits from projects he was involved with.