Intern Blog Spotlight: Meet Jamie and Lily

Intern Blog Spotlight:

Meet Jamie and Lily

Meet Jamie Anderson

As a country-music loving, cowboy boot wearing and a sweet tea drinking girl, Nashville has been the dream since I was in 6th grade. I was constantly begging my parents to take me to Nashville. While at the airport, waiting for our flight to Mexico, I’d be trying to convince them to jump on a flight to Nashville. What girl doesn’t want to go to Mexico? Apparently, Jamie in 7th grade. Although, I had the best time in Mexico and love going every year, I still really wanted to go to Nashville. Thanks to Carrie Underwood and her Blown Away exhibit, at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, I managed to convince my parents to take a family trip to Nashville. The summer before my freshman year of high school, we all piled in to the car and we began the eight-hour drive to Music City.

I was born and raised in the small town of Hampshire, Illinois, about 35 miles outside of Chicago (Bear Down and Go Cubs!!). Growing up I attended a small private school associated with our church, before switching to public school in 8th grade. My brother is 22 months younger than me, so we were always outside playing and running around to different activities. I started dancing at three years old and it became a big part of my life.

I moved to Nashville in August of 2017, to attend Belmont University. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Public Relations and Music Business. Belmont is a dream school, the videos you see online make Belmont look like a school straight out of High School Musical and it really is. This semester I am interning at the fabulous Brickshore Media, a PR and Marketing firm here in Nashville. Nashville is magical and makes my dreams seem like a reality.

Meet Lily Tillman

Hello! I’m Lily.

I’ve considered myself a blogger since I was 13, running an unfortunate Tumblr-turned-blog: Southern Girl Lily (of course), passionately subtweeting my feelings, and wishing I could fit my important thoughts into 140 characters. Today, I am 21 and enjoying a 280-character-limit on Twitter and this space for sharing an intern’s take on life, the world, and more specifically, Nashville.

I am a senior public relations and songwriting double major at Belmont University. I was born in Charlotte, NC and began the process of convincing my parents to move our entire family to Music City when I was 12 and writing music on a mini keyboard and my dad’s ancient, un-tunable guitar. By my junior year I successfully persuaded my parents to make the move (it wasn’t too hard – they’re both Vanderbilt grads), so I actually graduated high school in Franklin, Tennessee. My twelve-year-old self would never believe my life now.

Where do I see myself in five years? What do I plan on doing when I graduate next spring? Great questions. If I could do anything after May 4, 2019 (counting down!!!), I’d go back to Europe for a year and work on my travel blog full-time. After studying abroad last fall in the Czech Republic and contributing to my temporary University’s student-run publication, I fell in love with traveling, writing, and photography. My goal is to visit every country and write about each one. I hope that five years from now I’ve checked 10 more places off my list.

Back to reality: I’m focusing on interning at the fantastic Brickshore Media this fall and working with some awesome people, taking PR classes, writing songs here and there, and selling candles and clothes at Anthropologie to support my coffee, fancy restaurant, and Amazon prime addictions. Stay tuned for unique restaurant tips, bar reviews, a local’s perspective on the city, and itinerary recommendations for your next trip to Music City.