How to Spend a Rainy Day in Nashville

Lily here!

Nashville is known for many things, and this November one of those things is terrible weather. If it’s not raining every day in Music City, it’s raining every other day, and many of the most popular activities tourists come to do are outside. Aside from indoor-hot-chicken-eating and Broadway-in-a-raincoat, you might be wondering what there is to do in the heart of country music when a downpour happens to be visiting the same weekend you are. I recommend spending a drizzly Nashville day in four unique spots: Americano Coffee Lounge, Candle Bar, RH Cafe (Restoration Hardware) and Pinewood Social.

Americano Coffee Lounge

Start the dreary day in Nashville’s trendiest new neighborhood, Wedgewood-Houston, for classic coffee and brunch. Americano Coffee Lounge is one of the coziest, most inviting spots for a European-style cup of coffee (or tea) and a light snack. The phrase “lounge” embodies the feel of Americano perfectly: The owners invite you to choose a comfortable corner, stay awhile and — on rainy days — stay dry. To satisfy your brunch cravings, try a warm blueberry muffin, a melt-in-your-mouth ham and cheese croissant or indulge in a fantastic charcuterie board. The specialty drink nicknamed “The Wife” is everything you want in a fall latte and the perfect pick-me-up on a wet day.

Candle Bar

After you’ve caffeinated, it’s time to become an amateur candle maker for the afternoon. Hop in the car or grab an Uber for a quick ride to Berry Hill. Stop and pick up a bottle of wine on the way, because Candle Bar isn’t just the best-smelling candle shop in Nashville – it’s the best-smelling, “BYOB” candle shop in Nashville. You may have to make a reservation online to enjoy the benefits of this unique, hands-on candle-making experience. Candle Bar in Berry Hill is a perfect place for bachelorette partiers, couples and anybody on a damp day who like drinking and delicious scents.

At Candle Bar, guests get to choose from a lengthy list of fragrances and a towering wall of containers to craft their ideal candle – all while sipping a glass of wine. After making your decisions, Candle Bar employees walk you through the process of measuring, weighing, mixing and pouring hot wax and pleasant aromas into your vessel of choice.

Once your creation is done and your wine bottle is empty, you’re invited to come back in three hours and pick up your handiwork.

RH Cafe Nashville (Restoration Hardware)

You didn’t come to Nashville thinking you needed a new couch, but you’re going to leave thinking you may need a whole new house. While you’re waiting for your candles, head over to The Mall at Green Hills for more wine, upscale snacks and maybe a new dining room table. RH Nashville is a unique experience embodying Restoration Hardware’s “quest to revolutionize physical retailing,” according to their website. RH is basically a stunning cafe and bar, four stories filled from floor to ceiling with perfectly-staged Restoration Hardware furniture and an exquisite rooftop garden all in one. The majority of the “rooftop” garden is actually indoors, making RH the perfect place to spend time on a dismal day.

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social brings a whole new meaning to bowling. Hit the road or grab an Uber after picking up your candle to sip on cocktails, eat creative bites and throw some curve balls. Before testing your bowling skills, try the “Leggo My Ego” cocktail at the bar: gin, preserved lemon, Benedictine, honey and a delicious peppercorn medley make for a delectable, dreary-day drink. Try the spicy hummus appetizer or the fantastic squash noodle dish if you’re ready for dinner, but make sure not to miss the best part of Pinewood – the chic, trendy bowling experience. There’s nothing like bowling in bad weather, especially with a cold beer, a mouthwatering turkey and brie sandwich and a s’mores skillet cookie that’ll have you already planning your second trip to Music City.

Hopefully you catch a glimpse of the sun during your Nashville vacation, but if you find yourself soaked on 12 South or waterlogged on West End, give these four unique spots a try and leave the heart of country music as a caffeinated candle-maker with newfound bowling skills and lots of ideas for redoing your living room.

~ Lily