Meet the Intern - Cheyenne

Hey! I’m Cheyenne. 


A sophomore Songwriting major at Belmont University, I first came to Nashville Fall 2018 to learn the music business. However, I have had a dream of living in the music city ever since I started writing and singing. I vividly remember stowing away a box in the corner of our basement, labeled “For When I Move To Nashville” in my scribbly first-grader handwriting. I would take random kitchen accessories and things - growing up the oldest of 5 kids, I was always sure to find knick-knacks laying around our busy home - and I’d stash them all away in my Nashville box. This went on for almost a year before my mom finally discovered my beloved treasure pile - and a few of her missing spatulas, measuring cups, and glasses (hey, a first grader’s gotta be prepared to make the music city move at any time!).


In all seriousness, both music and writing have always been huge parts of my life. I grew up singing, songwriting, and penning stories in the notebooks I should’ve been using for schoolwork - and not much has changed! Here I am at age 20, living in this beautiful city, learning the backbone of the music industry, singing my own songs, and writing more than ever. Since moving here from Columbus, Ohio I have learned so much, heard some really great music, and tasted some REALLY great food. I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my Nashville experiences with you! 


Currently, I am a Publicity Assistant intern at the incredible Brickshore Media, where I am getting hands-on opportunities to learn the behind-the-scenes of artist publicity campaigns and media relations. So far I am absolutely loving the PR life! When I'm not interning, singing, or writing, you can find me at Nashville’s Centennial ice rink, practicing figure skating, or traveling with my family (we love skiing!).

I hope you find my recommendations helpful and I look forward to sharing Nashville culture with you - the music, the venues, the must-sees, and of course, the food (let’s be real, that’s probably the most important to all of us). Stay tuned!

Nicole Zeller