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Hockey City, USA

There is no questioning Nashville’s love for country music, but what about Nashville’s love for hockey? Read all about Nashville’s other pride and joy, The Nashville Predators!

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How to Spend a Rainy Day in Nashville

Nashville is known for many things, and this November one of those things is terrible weather. If it’s not raining every day in Music City, it’s raining every other day, and many of the most popular activities tourists come to do are outside. Aside from indoor-hot-chicken-eating and Broadway-in-a-raincoat, you might be wondering what there is to do in the heart of country music when a downpour happens to be visiting the same weekend you are. I recommend spending a drizzly Nashville day in four unique spots: Americano Coffee Lounge, Candle Bar, RH Cafe and Pinewood Social.

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Country Music Goes FEMALE!!

Last week the country music industry went FEMALE for this years CMT Artists of The Year Awards. Today, we are talking all about The CMT Artist of The Year Awards and what it is like to be a casted audience member for an award show in Music City.

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