This week I’m so excited to talk about one of my new favorite spots in the downtown Nashville area. Nashville has continued to be my favorite city simply because of the unique experiences, restaurants and activities you are able to experience at any given time.  It seems there is always a new hotel, restaurant, or rooftop to experience and that is usually how I like to spend my weekends – exploring the city and all the new spots!

bobby hotel skyline.jpg

My favorite spot right now to chill and have a drink after work or on the weekend is The Bobby Hotel in downtown Nashville. The vibe of this hotel is one that is hard to pinpoint.  I like to describe it as a mix of modern meets Miami meets Las Vegas.  It definitely has an eclectic feel to it, one that I haven’t really found elsewhere in the city.

I mentioned this hotel in my previous blog post as a great place to stay if you’re visiting the city and I thought this week I would expand on the experience and feel of the hotel.


The lobby area definitely reminds me of Vegas.  It’s very grand and something you wouldn’t really expect to find in Nashville.  It makes for really great pictures on the staircase because of the colors and grand surroundings.  It’s very Gatsby to say the least! I keep waiting for them to have a Great Gatsby or roaring 20’s themed party but it hasn’t happened yet.



There are four different places you can grab a quick bite to eat at The Bobby.  The choices all have different vibes and atmospheres so it is entirely up to you and what you happen to be feeling that day!  I’ve pulled in some images from their website to help you visualize the different vibes each restaurant has to offer.


There is a little cafe that I have not yet been to but looks absolutely amazing and so quaint.  When you first approach The Bobby Hotel you’ll see the cafe that juts out to the side.  This is the more casual option if you’re looking for an easy place to grab lunch Saturday or a very laid back dinner.  Their menu is full of a wide variety of options – from the Bobby Burger to Croque Monsieur, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite.



While the ladies head up to the rooftop, or enjoy a latte at the cafe, the guys can hang out at the garage bar.  Super convenient and easy to get to, this garage bar has some serious grunge flair – filled with old car parts and vintage automobile gear that any guy is sure to love.



If you’re looking for something a little more formal, Tavern is a super cool spot to dress up in your best cocktail attire and have a little grub and some beverages before hitting the town.  The Bobby has its own private chef and there’s even a little private access area should you need a more intimate setting for a special event.  Who would have known that such international elegance awaited right off the streets of downtown Nashville.


The last spot to check out for food and views is the rooftop lounge and possibly the spot that draws the most attention, the only spot in Nashville with a full size vintage bus on top of the roof.


This is my favorite spot to come hang out after work with co-workers for a quick happy hour or on the weekend evenings with my girlfriends.  Not only does this rooftop have a full size bus on the roof, but there’s also a pool and a large patio with plenty of room to unwind.

the bobby hotel.jpg
the bobby!.jpg


While I haven’t yet done a staycation at The Bobby, it is definitely on my list.  I have only seen photos of the uniquely decorated rooms at The Bobby and I’m dying to stay in one to see what they’re like!  Unlike most of the vintage hotel spots popping up recently, The Bobby brings a new kind of flair to the Nashville world of accommodations.


Whether or not its a staycation in Nashville and you want a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a Nashville getaway vacation for the weekend, The Bobby is by far one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever experienced and one I would highly recommend to all to, at least, go have a mimosa on the rooftop. The Bobby has become a Nashville hotspot and one that is quite unique to this booming city.  If you haven’t seen The Bobby and you already live in Nashville, you must go.  I’ve been back more times than I can count and will keep going back as it’s one of my local spots I have to hit up at least a few times a month.

You can learn more about The Bobby by visiting their website here.

Katie Schimmel