So you're thinking about coming to Nashville?  Or maybe you just want to learn more about Music City USA?  You are in the right place!

Dallas and Camo will be beginning their guided tour through the streets and attractions of Nashville right here on this page.  The sights, the sounds, the hot spots, the must sees, the must do's, and all the things you need to know if you're making your way around Nashville, Tennessee! We want to show you our city from our point of view. You can pick up any magazine or surf the web for anything you want to know about Nashville, but you'll only get the side they want you to see ... which is nice.  However, it's the locals that make Nashville what it is. So that's the side of Nashville we want to show you.


Dallas and Camo will begin showing up at some of Nashville's hottest attractions and nightspots to give you a glimpse what you'll find when you come to town to