A new service being offered by Nashville Access is a Podcast Service. Nashville Access will produce your Podcast for you, and then you simply have to publish it to your RSS feed. Dallas and Camo have over 50 years of Radio/TV/Production experience between them. They can coach you through the Conceptualizing phase and the Recording phase. Then, once the details have been discussed and agreed upon, Dallas and Camo will handle the Producing phase and the Editing & Mastering phase of the process. What you receive in the end is a finished product ready to publish.

When you work with Nashville Access, you will meet with our team and discuss what your Podcast should be, how it should sound, what it's focus will be, and how to go about creating and ultimately publishing it for others to download and enjoy. The only part of the process that you are responsible for is the distribution and marketing, both of which we can and will help you with.

Podcasts are quickly becoming the most highly used and effective way of promoting yourself or your product, disseminating information, and/or creating an entertaining ongoing method to connect you to your audience.

Below are some examples of Podcasts that Nashville Access has produced and are available now. To find out more about working with Nashville Access on your Podcast, just email Camo for information and minimum requirements.



The Runaway Hamsters are a musical group based in Boise, Idaho. They formed to raise money for a friend that was diagnosed with a rare disease. The effort was so successful, they continue to record music and tour, and are now booking shows across the USA. Click the link below to listen to a Nashville Access produced Podcast.


Dance Network - The Barretender podcast

Dance Network is an entire network dedicated entirely to Dance and everything that goes into it. Nashville Access was hired to produce their Podcast called "The Barretender". Hosted by Liberty Cogen, "The Barretender" Podcast interviews the biggest names in the world of Dance, from the hottest dancers, to choreographers, to instructors and dance company owners. Click the link below to listen to a condensed version of this Nashville Access produced Podcast.

Aside from the standard audio-only Podcast, Nashville Access also offers on-camera Podcast production. This is a much more involved process, and is priced differently than the standard audio-only Podcast. We will find the location, set up the camera and lights, work with the client on what kind of look and feel the Podcast should have, and then direct the shooting of the video content. We then edit, mix, and master a fully produced version delivered to your email inbox ready for upload to your website or other distribution method. Below is an example of that service.


A conversation with billy ray cyrus & don von tress

Nashville Access is also capable of doing on-camera interviews and shows as well. For the 25th anniversary of the release of "Achy Breaky Heart", Billy Ray Cyrus hired Nashville Access to record a full on-camera interview to promote the re-recording and re-release of the international hit song "Achy Breaky Heart". This is a feature we offer, but it is priced differently than the standard audio-only Podcast. Details are available upon request. Click the link below to watch the full 40 minute interview produced by Nashville Access.

If you're ready to create your own Podcast, just email Camo by clicking the button below.